13th Hour - Haunt Review

Location: Wharton, NJ

Date: October, 2018

Price: $35 GA / $50 VIP



Tucked away in an unsuspecting industrial complex in North Jersey lies 13th Hour. Boasting five 60-minute escape rooms that run year-round as well as a seasonal haunt, this location has crafted a world around the infamous Hayden Family to provide hours worth of scares. Special to October, their escape rooms even have sinister actors within them to heighten their scare factor!

The haunted attractions include:

  • Two Floors of Fear – Journey back to the Hayden family residence and discover why they were not to be messed with
  • Dark Side Maze – Travel through the pitch black maze. But be warned – you are not alone


13th Hour’s narrative is based around a murderous family who disappeared after a hurricane ravaged New Jersey. Two Floors of Fear has interwoven this story into the attraction which escalated quite nicely as guests traveled further inside the Hayden Compound. Each actor interaction furthered the narrative & provided a bevy of jump scares. For such a long haunt, 13th Hour did a great job of breaking it up into sections to prevent groups from clumping together in the walkthrough. We appreciate this greatly & feel like this can make or break most haunted houses.

New for 2018, 13th Hour has added a dark maze. We’ve experienced dark mazes previously that felt like touch tunnels without much rhyme or reason. This was not the case. From the get go, each guest was given a glow stick necklace as a light source. However, after what we experienced, this wasn’t for guest use at all. This twenty minute blind walkthrough was disorienting, frantic, and creepy. By far one of our favorite attractions of the 2018 season.


The trip we took to 13th Hour last Sunday was absolutely worth it. We took on their “Dungeon” escape room, (review coming soon!) and braved both of their haunted attractions. We simply cannot wait to go back to take on their four other escapes.

Additionally, they do a great job bringing the carnival atmosphere to an industrial complex parking lot. From monster selfie stations to boardwalk games to vendors selling themed treats – there’s enough to do even for the scaredy cats.