13th Hour - The Dungeon - Review

Location: Wharton , NJ
Date Played: October, 2018
Team Size: 4 – 8 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $29 per ticket  


With our hands bound and our eyes blindfolded, we were prisoners of the Hayden Family. We had to find a way to escape the dungeon or join their rag-tag bunch.


This game relied primarily on searching for clues and task-based gameplay. Teams are required to communicate to solve this room’s riddles as players need to be on different levels of this two-story escape room.

Production Value/Immersion

The creepy aesthetic of this escape room was established from the moment that we entered the lobby. Instead of a standard waiting room, the entrance appeared closer to that of a haunted house. All workers were the characters within the game and were there to get us set, accompany us to the room, and psych us out a little.

The game space for The Dungeon was the biggest that we’ve seen so far. This spralling two-story Hayden home kept us moving and continually introduced new areas for puzzling.


Our group played this escape room in October, during spooky season. During this time, the property also opens multiple haunted attractions and uses their team of actors go from room to room providing clues and adding more narrative to their escape rooms. Just be warned, sometimes these actors will make your game harder as well. There were quite a few times where they undid puzzles or reset spaces to intentionally set us back.


While it was certainly a thrilling experience, this escape felt like it lacked a higher level of in-game narrative. While we knew we’d want to escape the Hayden family, we would have liked more in terms of story details. Aside from that, this incredible escape room experience was hindered by a somewhat unexciting finale, as we managed to escape.

This Room is a Good Match for

Fans of creepy settings who don’t mind being restrained. This is a two-story escape room so players should be able to climb stairs to fully experience this escape room.  

the dungeon

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