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    I Survived the Room ‘Club Escape’ Review

    Game:Β Club Escape
    Location: Long Island City, NY
    Date Played: March, 2017
    Team Size: 2 – 8 players
    Duration: 60 minutes
    Price: $30 per ticket



    Your visit to the city’s newest hotspot, Club Escape takes a turn when you’re blindfolded and escorted to the syndicate’s back room. Surrounded by dirty cops and a Russian Bratva crime operation, you have one hour to escape before The Boss returns.


    While the theme and setting of the room were thrilling, the puzzles consisted of mostly keypads and numerical locks which lacked the complexity to match. One particular puzzle early in the game displayed noticeable wear that prevented us from completing it as quickly as we would have had it been maintained properly.

    Note: we were unable to complete the final puzzle due to running out of time so we cannot comment on it.


    The suspenseful tone of the room was established from the very start when an actor brought us outside and transported us to a seemingly offsite location. I Survived the Room has a track record of using actors inside their escape rooms that adds an elevated level of immersion to each setting.

    The room starts strong. From the moment we entered the suspicious stairwell, we were held at gunpoint and ordered to place bags over our heads. From there, it only escalates in intensity and pressure. There were several moments where we believed the room to be over but there was so much more left to do…


    We had done previous rooms with I Survived the Room, so we were aware that actors were involved. However, this room was surrounded by the laser tag sections of the company’s building and was not sound-proof. As a result, throughout the room, we were able to hear people yelling from the laser tag games. This was distracting and negatively affected the immersion of the game as we were not sure whether or not the sounds were coming from actors in our game or people not involved.

    During a heightened scene within the game, there was a minor safety issue. A lip in the floor located in an area with strobe lights tripped a party member. When trying to brace for a potential fall, an exposed nail on the wall cut their hand. This forced the Game Master to pause the game. We love that the ambiance was set but rooms should ensure that there are no nails or other objects to get caught on.

    This Room is a Good Match for

    Club Escape was a thrilling, yet flawed room that shows I Survived the Room‘s vision for immersive escapes. However, since late 2017, this room was decommissioned and refitted as The New Order.


    Club Escape was closed in mid-2017.