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    Amazing Escape Room Freehold ‘The Jungle’ Review

    Game: The Jungle
    Location: Freehold, NJ
    Date Played: February, 2017
    Team Size: 2 – 8 players
    Duration: 60 minutes
    Price: $28 per ticket

    You find yourself trapped within a jungle-themed board game where players must make it to the end if they hope to escape.


    Puzzles within this room are not traditional lock and key set-ups. The room mainly relies on more tech-heavy features such as press mechanisms that trigger doors to open. This technical element resulted in some issues for us as there tended to be delays in response and we were forced to retry our actions and wait for the items to register.


    There were enough tasks to complete to keep a full group engaged without stepping on each other’s toes. The theme was unique and adequately established the setting that it aimed to achieve.


    As mentioned, we encountered several lags between our actions and the mechanisms’ responses. Some components took enough time to register and trigger that we had to repeat them. We were able to complete parts of the main puzzle with misguided logic – as our train of thought did not actually match how the puzzle was intended to be solved.

    This Room is a Good Match for

    The room hits the nostalgic feels for all 90’s kids. It is a good beginner room that is family-friendly.

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    Deadpool 2 Pop-Up Bar – Immersive Review

    Sister Margaret's


    Experience: Sister Margaret’s School of Wayward Girls
    Location: Brooklyn, NY
    Date: April, 2018
    Price: Free with RSVP 21+


    Going into this experience, we weren’t sure what to make of this event. How could a small bar in Williamsburg turn itself into a hub for criminals and assassins? As fans of the Rob Liefeld character, our group was skeptical. However, this Deadpool inspired pop-up bar lived up to the calamity of its source material.

    Presented by Mike’s Hard Lemonade & Fox Films, the Alligator Lounge was transformed into “Sister Margaret’s School for Wayward Girls.” When we arrived and joined the small line formed outside the establishment, guests were greeted by burly bikers & a suspiciously “Cable” dressed man going by Mike Hard. These actors along with the spray paint signs added to the immersive feel of this Marvel watering hole.


    Shortly after half an hour, we were invited inside Sister Margaret’s. This is when the true madness begun. Having never been to the Alligator Lounge before, it was insane how closely this bar resembled the bar from the Deadpool film franchise. Everything from the chalkboard drink “dead pool” to the neon sign to the pool tables gave our group flashbacks to the film adaptation. The details to immersion were off the charts with even missing katana posters plastered in the entranceway.


    Besides the open bar of Mike’s Hard Lemonade, this pop-up was designed for everyone. Activities provided included Deadpool skeeball, airbrush tattoos, arcade games & character photo-ops. Everything stuck to the theme of this pop-up and nothing felt out of place. After spending a couple hours at Sister Margaret’s, we headed to the door & on our way out were handed Deadpool 2 swag bags. These included bar glasses from the pop-up, a poster & tiny hand candies. This only added to the great experience we had at this rarely nailed pop-up bar.



    While we’ve been severely disappointed by themed pop-up bars in the past, this experience was top notch. As promotion for the upcoming sequel, Sister Margaret’s only helped to heighten our excitement for the film. It genuinely felt like being immersed in the world of Deadpool when we were at this establishment. Not only was this a truly great immersive experience, but it also added something for everyone, not just fans of Deadpool.

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    I Survived the Room ‘The Sanatorium’ Review

    Game: The Sanatorium
    Location: Long Island City, NY
    Date Played: March, 2017
    Team Size: 2 – 8 players
    Duration: 60 minutes
    Price: $30 per ticket



    You receive a letter from the Sanatorium director, pleading to assist in locating two missing patients. In order to do so, you are shackled and admitted to the Sanatorium…


    Despite being separated, both parties are forced to communicate in order to work through puzzles. We have done other rooms where we have been separated and they made us feel like we were completing two disjointed rooms. For a room that split us up, Sanatorium still did a great job of allowing us to work as a team. Therefore, no one missed out on any piece of it. Puzzles ranged from your standard lock to more in-depth, logic-related tasks to high pressure tactile challenges. For an insane asylum, they always managed to maintain their aesthetic of a run down Sanatorium, rather than simply a room with items placed in it that you’d use to escape.


    From the scene that they established to the unbreakable actors to the well-written storyline, Sanatorium’s immersion was second to none. Little things, such as a creative clue system which this room utilizies, allow you to experience and navigate the room without feeling like you have stepped foot outside of the story. The actors moved the story along at a great pace and even added a level of entertainment that we had never seen before.


    Being one of our favorite rooms, there is very little to critique. However, the location is not the best as there is not much to offer food-wise or in terms of other activities.

    This Room is a Good Match for

    While not overly scary, this room has moments that are not for the faint of heart. If you are uncomfortable in dark rooms or you do not want to have your hands bound, you may want to reconsider.

    Overall, this is one of our top recommended rooms within the tri-state area. If you are looking for an exhilarating room from start to finish, this is not to be missed. 



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    Komnata Quest ‘Impossible Murder Mystery’ Review

     Game: The Impossible Murder Mystery
    Company: Komnata Quest 
    Location: Brooklyn, NY
    Date Played: June, 2017
    Team Size: 2 – 6 players.
    Duration: 60 minutes
    Price: $28 per ticket



    Felix Goban has been arrested for murdering seven great academic minds. Since his arrest, two more murders have occurred. You are on a team of investigators who must solve the mystery of who is committing murders when the most likely assailant is behind bars.


    This is certainly not Komnata’s most puzzle oriented room. Although sporadic, puzzles within the room were logical, but are not handed to you. They required a bit of thought and creativity. 


    The actions that we were asked to complete were terrifying and thrilling. The room is billed as horror-themed and it truly delivers.  Even though we knew what needed to be done, at times, the eerie atmosphere made us hesitant to move forward. But in a great way! This room crafted suspense unlike any haunted house I had been to.

    The room makes excellent use of sounds. Sounds to scare you, to tease you, or to prompt you.

    The layout and design of the room are genius. The dark corridors build suspense as you move through them but also as you leave them behind. We were on edge at all times trying to figure out what might lie ahead or be coming after us.


    If you book this room planning on solving your standard escape room riddles and puzzles, Impossible Murder Mystery will leave the player wanting more.  

    This Room is a Good Match for

    This room would be good for experienced players who are interested in horror themes. If you do not enjoy being scared, do not do this room.   

    Newer players are likely to enjoy this room but it might be a bit much as a first escape room experience.   


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    Mission Escape Games ‘Escape the Nemesis’ Review

    Game: Escape the Nemesis
    Location: Manhattan, NY
    Date Played: July, 2017
    Team Size: Max 8 players.
    Duration: 60 minutes
    Price: $28 per ticket
    Your spaceship, the U.S.S. Nemesis, is plummeting towards the Earth. The team of trapped astronauts must fix the ship’s system and correct its orbit.   

    Puzzles in this room really felt as though we were interacting with elements of the ship. Many tasks required us to work with the main control boards or other major components that remained in theme. Mission Escape did a great job of interweaving the puzzles into the plot so that none of them felt forced or out of place. 

    The puzzles were complex enough and required a keen eye so that we felt accomplished once we were able to work through them. Mission Escape also provided us with pencils and paper to track and work through puzzles. We enjoyed this added element. 


    The standout for this room would definitely be the execution of the set. Many puzzles and interactions of the room resulted in automated set pieces triggering. These were always done well and were exciting to witness. 

    The room did a good job in immersing us into the story. We did feel a sense of urgency in restoring the ship, rushing towards the end to make sure that we completed all of our tasks.   


    A cleverly-designed puzzle requires use of a whiteboard type section of your ship. The Game Master jokingly nudged us that this would be an area okay to write on if we did so happen to find markers within the ship. Beyond this explanation being a bit cheesy, there was still a bit of drawing on the board leftover from the previous game. This did not really assist us in solving the puzzle but it very easily could have been a spoiler. 

    There is another device with wiring within the room that the Game Master also explained for us to be super careful with, otherwise ‘your oxygen lines will be cut’. It was slightly confusing as to whether or not we were supposed to ignore the wires altogether or just how careful we needed to be so as not to break the game. If wires are required to be used, they should be better secured so that we would not have to walk on eggshells around them.   

    This Room is a Good Match for
    This room would be good for slightly more experienced players who are looking for a fun room with slightly more developed puzzles.
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