5Wits - Deep Space - Review

Location: West Nyack, NY
Date Played: January, 2018
Team Size: 2 – 12 players
Duration: 35 minutes
Price: $22.99 for 1 Game, $26.99 for 2 & $32.99 for 3  


After being contacted by a distress signal, our crew had to find out what happened to the abandoned spaceship, Nebulous. Where had its crew disappeared to and how were we to escape this spaceship alive?


Tasked with restoring power and finding out the secrets that the Nebulous had to offer, we faced a series of team-based games that required each of us to coordinate our actions and work together. Each section of this adventure introduced a different style than the area before it. These ranged from more logic-heavy puzzles to some active reaction-based tasks.

Production Value/Immersion

It’s not every day that our group is “beamed up” into space. 5Wits makes this an unforgettable moment with awesomely creative use of lighting and sound effects. Once aboard the Nebulous, the set design was impeccable. The tech functionality in this experience maintained a level that never hindered the immersion as our group advanced further inside this mysterious space vessel.


Compared to the other two games that West Nyack had to offer, we found Deep Space to be the most puzzle-focused. Deep Space resembled something that almost all escape room enthusiasts would truly enjoy given its immersive adventure format. It presented more of a challenge than the other two rooms at this location, Tomb or Drago’s Castle, but certainly wasn’t on the very difficult side.


For a game with such a dramatic opening plotline, the narrative of Deep Space was lost on us as we progressed through the adventure.

This Room is a Good Match for

5Wits’ Deep Space is an approachable experience for thrillseekers and families alike. 5Wits tracks how quickly teams finish the tasks at hand and delivers team scores displayed on a leaderboard. It’s an awesome way to elevate the experience to another, more competitive level.

5wits deep space

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