5Wits - Drago's Castle - Review

Location: West Nyack, NY
Date Played: December, 2017
Team Size: 2- 12 players
Duration: 30 minutes
Price: $22.99 for 1 Game, $26.99 for 2 & $32.99 for 3


Have you ever wanted to play out escaping a dungeon from medieval story books? Drago’s Castle is 5Wit’s fantasy theme where groups must escape from a dungeon and find the dragon hiding within the castle. 


Drago’s Castle takes from the normal style of 5Wits teamwork-based puzzles and adds several levels of physicality to certain ones. The final puzzle was something we’d never seen previously and left us very impressed. 

Production Value/Immersion

In proper 5Wit’s style, this fantastical adventure feels straight out of a bedtime story. While the levels of immersion might not be on par with the other two adventures (Deep Space & Tomb), Drago’s Castle provides some excellent production elements that make this adventure feel unbelievably unique. 


Drago’s Castle’s storybook adventure led our group to one of the most insane climaxes in any escape room we’ve faced. Every puzzle and task felt thematic. 


Our group was halted from moving forward, as we were waiting for the previous group in the next room to advance. For this style of experience, each group is sectioned off and passed through in unison. We completed the second section very quickly and were made to wait to progress. 

This Room is a Good Match for

5Wits Drago’s Castle is an approachable experience for thrillseekers and families alike. For competitive teams, 5Wits tracks how quickly teams finish the tasks at hand and delivers team scores displayed on a leaderboard. 

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