5Wits - Tomb - Review

Location: West Nyack, NY
Date Played: December, 2017
Team Size: 2 – 12 players
Duration: 30 minutes
Price: $22.99 for 1 Game, $26.99 for 2 & $32.99 for 3


Trapped inside an ancient tomb, our team sought out to survive a series of challenges in order to please the spirit of the buried Pharaoh and escape with our lives.


Gameplay within the tomb was built upon testing players’ senses. Even for our group of four, it was quite easy to progress through each of these tasks. Some felt frantic and exciting, while others felt more delicate and intricate.  

Production Value/Immersion

From the moment we lined up outside of the tomb, the ambiance and level of detail stood out immensely. Our Game Master immediately set the tone for the game and the immersion was established with a fun surprise just as our journey began.

Each portion of this Disney-like adventure felt on a level we rarely see in most escape rooms. Between the sound effects and lighting, it truly felt like our group was traveling deeper and deeper into an Egyptian tomb.


For an experience that relied so heavily on touch automation and other sensory cues, this adventure worked flawlessly. Room transitions flowed well as our team made our way through.


Unlike most experiences we’ve done, the beginning of this experience might have been the most exciting the difficulty level of moving through the puzzles was a bit lower than we had hope for it to be. We’d expect the same experience for most enthusiasts and more seasoned puzzlers.

This Room is a Good Match for

5Wits’ Tomb is an approachable experience for thrillseekers and families alike. For competitive teams, 5Wits tracks how quickly teams finish the tasks at hand and delivers team scores displayed on a leaderboard.

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