60Out - Grandma's Master Plan - Review

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Date Played: November, 2018
Team Size: 3 – 7 players
Duration: 75 minutes
Price: $35 per ticket  


Years ago, Granda disappeared without notice. We set out to uncover her secrets and learn why she made her escape.  


Grandma’s Master Plan included a wide variety of puzzles and obstacles to complete, including one amusing sound puzzle that made us laugh. All of the puzzles fit within the narrative and aligned with actions we would take at each location the story brought us to.

Production Value/Immersion

The story arc of this escape room had us travel through several different locations, each with a different vibe. The room began in Grandma’s small cottage which was appropriately homey and adorable. Where we ended up had a much different ambiance but matched the storyline just the same.

Despite the varied locations, aside from some cool sound and vision components, this escape room had a very minimalistic approach to set pieces. At times, the parts of the game after we had left Grandma’s house felt a bit bare. We did however, appreciate a mid game moment very much so.


For a 75-minute escape room, there was plenty for us to accomplish. A noteworthy aspect would be the hilarious narrative that unveiled itself as the game progressed. A narrative a bit more outside of the box than most standard plot lines.

Grandma’s Master Plan also had an awesome endgame moment and exit strategy.


Given the amount content in this room, it was surprising for us to experience bottlenecking as often as we did. There were several times in which our group of six found four members standing around. One puzzle in the beginning felt as though it were only there to slow down teams. There was also a bit of wear and tear throughout.

This Room is a Good Match for

This escape room is ideal for smaller groups (3 – 4 players). Grandma’s Master Plan is thematically a great escape for the whole family.

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