60Out - Jumanji - Review

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Date Played: November, 2018
Team Size: 4- 8 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $40 per ticket  


This officially licensed Jumanji escape room brings the 2017 remake to life.

Your friend has gone missing. While rummaging through their room, your team gets sucked into videogame console. Now you must play through a game of Jumanji in order to escape.


Most of this lauded escape room’s obstacles were task-based, hide-and-seek style objectives. Unfortunately, some of the triggers took multiple attempts for us.

One puzzle lacked logic, leaving us very confused as to how we actually solved it.

Production Value/Immersion

The set pieces of this Jumanji room were the real stars of the show. Of the multiple rooms with this theme, this escape room felt the most like being stuck in a jungle. There were a handful of production components that left us amazed!

However, for a recently released escape room, there was noticeable wear and tear in some places.  


Entering the escape room from the lobby was memorable. The early portion of this escape was excellent. The puzzles and set design complimented each other in quality as our team looked for our missing friend.  


Our group loves escape rooms that provide players with individual characters with unique functionality. As the game progressed, we felt that these characters weren’t as important as they first seemed. Some of us realized how our characteristics played a role within the game but others seemed like theirs did not matter, leaving us confused.

Additionally, the ending of this experience felt very out of place. It ended up being more of a chore to complete than its intended purpose.

This Room is a Good Match for

60Out Melrose provides an experience for fans of the franchise looking for a fun, yet disjointed adventure.

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