Alita Experience - Immersive Review

alita experience

Between imbibing in drinks at the Kansas, scavenging at the Scrapyard, and even hedging a bet on a Motorball racer, Passport to Iron City gives guests the chance to explore the streets of this futuristic, cyberpunk world.

With the anticipated release of Alita: Battle Angel in theaters on February 14th, companies, iam8bit and The Seelig Group have come together to recreate this universe in an effort to allow a bit of escapism and tactile interaction in this digital age but also most importantly, to allow guests to have fun. The experience is unique and can best be described as part life-size board game, part series of team-building-like puzzles, and to an extent, interactive theater.

Our group was given the great opportunity to attend an exclusive media event and we came away thrilled to share our (spoiler free!) thoughts.

alita kansasBringing in production designers from the James Cameron film, Passport to Iron City’s set design is fully immersive and an exact recreation from the film itself. Drinks at the Kansas include exclusive beers from local female-owned breweries and available merch showcases items such as an Iron City hot sauce variety pack. Designers note the intention behind these branching from a place of self-discovery, that being such a strong thread throughout the film. There is much to do and lots of hidden side quests to explore. The attention to detail goes as far as even the bathrooms having tributes to Alita’s manga roots.

Each guests is assigned to a team and given the chance to socialize and strategize before being led into the experience. The goal is for each team to travel between stations (locations within the streets of Iron City) and take on as many challenges as possible. Points are displayed on a leaderboard and are garnered through quality and quantity of puzzle completion. These challenges ranged from logic puzzles to sensory challenges to searching for the most valuable scrap pieces. Each of these challenges felt thematic through the actor interactions and there never seemed to be a moment of down time as they swooped in to bring us to a side quest instead of having us wait.

While time flew by during our visit, we were unable to take part in every activity that this experience had to offer. To be fair, this was clearly advertised in the helpful passport pamphlet given to us, urging us to have a plan, as the city is large. Additionally, there were side missions that we attempted to complete but were unable to commit to as we were rushing from from one challenge station to the next.

Towards the end of this game, teams are given the chance to bet their challenge credits on a game of Motorball. With high stakes, this finale was a fantastic way to cap off this exhilarating visit to Iron City.

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After a year of searching for experiences that achieved a higher level of interactiveness and immersion, Passport to Iron City provides just that. It is an opportunity for attendees of all ages to get fully immersed in a world straight from the silver screen. We could see it being even more enjoyable for those with knowledge of the franchise, but it’s cleverly designed so that it certainly isn’t required. This experience takes elements from escape rooms and immersive theater, while making entirely approachable for a wide audience.

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For tickets and more information, visit Passport to Iron City opens its doors to the public in Los Angeles starting January 23rd; New York on January 26th and Austin on January 29th.