Amazing Escape Rooms - Wild West - Review

Location: Freehold, NJ
Date Played: June, 2017
Team Size: 2 – 8 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $28 per ticket
The scene is set in a 1800s western saloon. However, something isn’t right. You must uncover and resolve the secrets of the bar before it’s too late.    
Puzzles in the game get more exciting and intriguing as you advance. There is a good overall flow to them and they require a bit of organization to work through. Unlike some of the other rooms at this location, this room provides enough for a maximum size team to properly contribute at the same time. 
The game does a great job of fulfilling the theme but also escalates to an memorable climax, with a nice twist. The set is well-executed and makes excellent use of screens to help immerse the players into the world of the wild west. 
There are a few elements of the game that seemed like puzzles to interact with but sort of turned out to be arbitrary red herrings in the end. Additionally, we hit a few hiccups when puzzles did not initially register our actions when we had the correct answers.  
This Room is a Good Match for
Wild West is one of the better rooms at Amazing Escape Room‘s Freehold location. It would be a good match for players who have intermediate experience and have already played a couple of rooms. If you work well as a team in stressful situations, this room would be a great challenge. 

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