Beat the Bomb - Review

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Date Played: May, 2018
Team Size: 2 – 6 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $39 per ticket

Beat the Bomb was structured as a series of mini-games that required heavy teamwork and top-tier communication skills. Success in each game accrued our team points which then translated to additional time for the final stage: the bomb diffusion finale.


Tasks required each player to communicate – keeping us all engaged, on our toes, and running around. These 10 minute long mini-games included:  

  • Laser Maze
  • Floor Grid
  • Hack Attack
  • Echo Chamber

The bomb diffusion finale was frantic, yet approachable.

Production Value/Immersion:

Beat the Bomb had a futuristic, industrial vibe throughout the facility. The hazmat suits & synth-based soundtrack added a level of immersion and hype. All of the incorporated tech worked well and the games provided clear and fun instructions that helped guide us through the entire experience.


Each 10 minute mini-game varied from physically taxing to the mentally challenging. Every stage required the whole team to participate. In between games, there were quick cool down periods for us to catch our breath. As we progressed through the various stages, Beat the Bomb did a great job really building up the suspense and energy for our inevitable confrontation with the bomb.

As a team who is super competitive, we loved it. Beat the Bomb crafted an experience that not only molded us to maximize our bomb diffusing time, but also challenged us to strive for points in order to place as high as possible on their leaderboard. These elements of point values and rankings open to the door for replay-ability.


Beat the Bomb provided many opportunities for some pretty epic photos, but mid-game, when a staff member tried to subtly enter the room to take some action shots, it felt a little odd and disruptive. The hazmat suits were so fun and immersive, however due to the high level of physical activity, some of ours ripped before the bomb room and we worried about getting paint on our clothes. Luckily, we avoided any mishaps.

This Experience is a Good Match for

Beat the Bomb thrives of competition and high stress environments. This experience is great for any escape room team looking for a challenge. Just be prepared to get a little messy.

lockchix beat the bomb

We beat the bomb & ranked 30th overall!