Brighton Asylum - Haunt Review

Location: Passiac, NJ

Date: September, 2018

Price: $35.99 GA / $65.99 VIP



Brighton Asylum offers a wide variety of activities that go well beyond their haunted walkthroughs. In addition to the haunts, the venue boasts two 60-minute escape adventures as well as two quicker 5-minute escape experiences.

The full scope of haunted attractions include:

  • The Tunnel – Travel through elevator shafts formerly used to move the worst inmates
  • The Brighton Asylum – Explore the halls of the old asylum
  • The Bleeding Grounds – Visit the staff quarters of this decommissioned asylum.

For a couple years now, Brighton Asylum has been one of our group’s go-to haunted attractions in New Jersey. Brighton has maintained a level of hauntedness achieved by very few attractions in this area. Their use of narrative, driven by set pieces and actor interaction, is more evident than most haunted houses we’ve visited. Every year they do a great job re-configuring guests travels through the asylum, while adding more scares with each annual visit. This keeps things varied and dynamic enough to keep us going back.

Additionally, glow-stick necklaces are given out to guests that don’t mind a little contact during their stay. We appreciate the ability to have this as an option.

New for 2018:

For those who make it through the asylum, “The Bleeding Grounds” provide even more of a scare for 2018. Located on the 2nd floor, travel through the staff quarters of this spooky establishment & find out why this area finally allows for visitors.


While Brighton might not be the scariest attraction we’ve experienced, it is certainly worth its weight in screams. Between the three haunted walkthroughs, Brighton Asylum provides roughly an hour of terror for guests making it absolutely worth the admission price.

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