Cross Roads Escape Games - Hex Room - Review

Location: Anaheim, CA
Date Played: November, 2018
Team Size: 5- 10 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $35 per ticket  


Based off of classic horror movie character tropes, Hex Room presents a unique take on the escape room medium. The story revolves around the classic challenge of trying to escape a murderous killer in sixty minutes, but with added character dimensions.

Once teams arrive at Cross Roads, each player takes a personality test to determine which character archetype they’ll end up playing as. The six characters include the Prom Queen, the Virgin, the Nerd, the Rebel, the Jock, and the Detective. From there, each character must first solve their own set of puzzles to escape their personal prisons, before they can then attempt to escape as a group.  


Unlike most horror escape games, puzzles were a major focus in the Hex Room. Each character starts in their own individual room with a unique set of puzzles to solve. The Detective character plays a central role in the main room to help coordinate all teammates to escape their personal prisons. Most of the puzzles were straightforward, but required communication between opposite cells.

As an optional bonus challenge, each character is given a hex box. These are puzzles scaled up in difficulty and themes to each character archetype to give individuals something extra to work on if they so choose. They created an interesting dynamic in our team as some focused heavily of their individual goals, as others focused on the group’s overall escape.

Production Value/Immersion

While listed as a horror themed room, Hex was not overly scary. It contained portions of creepiness and isolation. Each individual room had a unique feel to it and the game space was maximized for an unbelievable amount of puzzles.


This is a game that thrives on character interaction. The more players lean into their given archetype, the more fun teams will get out of this unique escape experience. What we appreciated the most about Hex Room were the hex boxes themselves.

As some of our team freed themselves of their individual rooms, the ability to work on an additional objective was a great way to allow for teammates to catch up in the experience. This gave everyone something to do for the entirety of the game.


As much as the roles of Hex Room can enhance this experience, they can also just as easily hinder it. If one character really struggles in their individual room, it can slow down the entire team. Additionally, the Detective role plays more of a back seat of assisting others rather than having its own puzzle gameplay. Some players might not be thrilled with the role.

Additionally, the staff at Cross Roads Escape Games was not on board to debrief in any way or answer questions about the game in hope of replayability. While the room is replayable, we enjoyed this room a lot, but highly doubt we’d get the same thrilling experience a second time.

This Room is a Good Match for

Hex Room is unlike any other escape room we’ve taken on. Its unique charm is something all enthusiasts should play. We’d recommend proper teams of six so each character is played by one person. Without sacrificing puzzle gameplay, Hex Room is the closest we’ve come to feeling like we were in an 80’s horror movie.

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