Deadpool Pop-Up Bar - Immersive Review

Sister Margaret's

Experience: Sister Margaret’s School of Wayward Girls
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Date: April, 2018
Price: Free with RSVP 21+

Going into this experience, we weren’t sure what to make of this event. How could a small bar in Williamsburg turn itself into a hub for criminals and assassins? As fans of the Rob Liefeld character, our group was skeptical. However, this Deadpool inspired pop-up bar lived up to the calamity of its source material.

Presented by Mike’s Hard Lemonade & Fox Films, the Alligator Lounge was transformed into “Sister Margaret’s School for Wayward Girls.” When we arrived and joined the small line formed outside the establishment, guests were greeted by burly bikers & a suspiciously “Cable” dressed man going by Mike Hard. These actors along with the spray paint signs added to the immersive feel of this Marvel watering hole.

Shortly after half an hour, we were invited inside Sister Margaret’s. This is when the true madness begun. Having never been to the Alligator Lounge before, it was insane how closely this bar resembled the bar from the Deadpool film franchise. Everything from the chalkboard drink “dead pool” to the neon sign to the pool tables gave our group flashbacks to the film adaptation. The details to immersion were off the charts with even missing katana posters plastered in the entranceway.

Besides the open bar of Mike’s Hard Lemonade, this pop-up was designed for everyone. Activities provided included Deadpool skeeball, airbrush tattoos, arcade games & character photo-ops. Everything stuck to the theme of this pop-up and nothing felt out of place. After spending a couple hours at Sister Margaret’s, we headed to the door & on our way out were handed Deadpool 2 swag bags. These included bar glasses from the pop-up, a poster & tiny hand candies. This only added to the great experience we had at this rarely nailed pop-up bar.



While we’ve been severely disappointed by themed pop-up bars in the past, this experience was top notch. As promotion for the upcoming sequel, Sister Margaret’s only helped to heighten our excitement for the film. It genuinely felt like being immersed in the world of Deadpool when we were at this establishment. Not only was this a truly great immersive experience, but it also added something for everyone, not just fans of Deadpool.