East Coast Escape Room - Deadwood Cabin - Review

Location: Toms River, NJ
Date Played: March, 2019
Team Size: 2- 6 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $28.50 per ticket  


Deadwood Cabin crafts their experience around a classic horror movie trope. We had found ourselves stranded in the woods after our car broke down during a storm. The only thing in sight was what looked to be an empty cabin. We entered in search of a working telephone. However, it seemed as though we were not be alone…


Deadwood Cabin presented a series of puzzles accessible for newcomers, making it a great introductory room. These ranged from combination locks to some interesting trigger mechanics. However, there was one specific puzzle in this creepy escape room that had our team rethinking our approach as it took us a few shots to finally work through it!

Production Value/Immersion

This abandoned cabin provided more flair than first met the eye. For East Coast’s oldest escape room, there are interactions that will still “wow” some enthusiasts. The later half of this adventure ramped up in tension, adding to the overall immersion of this creepy escape experience.


Like the rest of East Coast Escape Room’s games, the objective of this escape room was a bit more than simply escaping the room. As we progressed, the our story and goals fell into place. Tension built to a dramatic conclusion as we uncovered the mystery of this abandoned cabin.


Deadwood Cabin feels most suitable for people new to escape rooms. This singular room experience could have been enhanced with a little more to do as we escaped with twenty minutes left on the clock.

This Room is a Good Match for

East Coast Escape Room provides multiple games that are accessible for most experience and skill levels. Deadwood Cabin is the most suitable option for beginners, but still provides enough interesting puzzles to keep some enthusiasts involved for close to an hour. This is doable for couples looking for a fun date activity.

deadwood cabin

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