Enigma Emporium - Wish You Were Here- Review

Location: At Home
Date Played: February, 2019
Team Size: 1- 5 players
Duration: 1-2minutes
Price: $15  


We were detectives who received postcards from a master criminal. We were to delve deeper into the content of these cards in order to decrypt the hidden messages within them, and in turn, uncover the full story behind his narrative.


The game itself is comprised of five postcards within one envelope. The few lines on the outside of the packaging stress to expect no hand-holding or instructions. That holds extremely true as after opening the game, we had no other choice but to dive right in!

Puzzles rely on making observations and noticing connections between the words and images on each card. We were pleasantly surprised to find the game guiding us beyond the physical content and into other mediums as we solved our way through the first card.

We found the depth of the puzzles to be pleasantly more difficult and subtle as compared to other escape room-esque table-top games that we have played. The online hint system is very helpful and provides a lifeline for times when you feel truly perplexed as to how to move forward. We’d recommend a pencil, several pieces of paper (we used one sheet per postcard to keep things organized), and an internet connection. In retrospect, perhaps highlighting each decoded solution per page would have been a great way to be super on top of keeping track of everything.

Production Value/Immersion

The physical game that we worked through aligned seamlessly with the narrative that we were presented. We were literally working to decode postcards in both the game and in real life. There were no extra levels of imagination that we needed to suspend in order to work through the story believably. Additionally, the ways in which the game brought us out of the cards and into other mediums was an awesome elevation that added depth and believability to the world.

In terms of quality, the graphics were lovely, there were no errors or misprints, and any “off-site” portions of the game worked well! As long as you refrain from marking any postcards (which you can play it through without doing so) the game can actually be passed on and replayed by a new group!


The ways in which the game steers your investigations into real-world events, people, and items was great. It blurred the narrative between fiction and reality and had us researching real things.

For the players on our team who truly love muscling through puzzles, we found them to be delightfully challenging with no shortage of content to rifle through. Especially for such a low cost, you are really given a lot of gameplay.


After we had decoded the first card, it was clear that we had come to the correct solutions as all phrases and answers made sense. However, we felt a lack of prompting as to what to do with the answers once we had discovered them. By the end of the game, this was made clear. However throughout, we were a bit unsure as to what to do with our answers.

While the puzzles did a great job of varying in type, there were a few that seemed a bit lengthy in the time that it took to full decode them.

This Game is a Good Match for

Teams that want to spend a night in and those looking to roll their sleeves up and work through some in-depth puzzles.

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Disclosure: Enigma Emporium provided the copy of this game