Escapade Games - Zoe - Review

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Date Played: November, 2018
Team Size: 2 – 6 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $40 per ticket  


Zoe, a tormented little girl had summoned us to do her bidding. We were to complete her task or suffer the grave consequences.  


Zoe felt more like an interactive haunted house than a proper escape room. Most of the puzzles were smaller tasks, which when completed, transitioned us into the next room. While they were fairly straightforward, they required us to put aside our fears in order to work through them. This was much simpler said than done.

Production Value/Immersion

When we weren’t scrambling within the darkness, the set pieces within Zoe’s house looked fantastic. Each room had a unique feel to it and the layout was clever – the many closed doors and around-the-corner hallways magnified our fears of the unknown.

If the dark labyrinth of a set wasn’t creepy enough, the actors within Zoe’s house did a wonderfully terrifying job of making us feel as uneasy as possible. Their sudden and frequent appearances had us constantly on edge, hesitating to ever be alone or even have our backs to a doorway.


Zoe had long been a bucket list escape room for our group. As horror junkies, we’d known the hype that it had built. Quite frankly, the hype was justified. Without giving too much away, there were moments when our group of six was huddled together in the corner of a room or waiting in utter darkness for a teammate to be returned to us.


One puzzle required a lengthy amount of reading and with only a couple flashlights, it was difficult to put it all together quickly

This Room is a Good Match for

Escape room and horror enthusiasts looking for a proper scare.

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Disclosure: Zoe comped our tickets to this game
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