Escape Casa Loma - Station M - Review

Location: Toronto, ON
Date Played: July, 2018
Team Size: 2 – 12 players.
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $40 per ticket

Our team had discovered a decommissioned underground base that was used in World War II. The fascists had lost and peace was restored to Europe, but there was still trouble in this operative hideout for British spies. We had to be careful who to trust.  


Station M had a clever variety of tasks and puzzles for the gamespace. The level of immersion in terms of what this 1940’s spy-themed escape room prompted us to accomplish really elevated our experience. There were lock and key interactions, numerical locks, and other usual puzzle stylings of standard escape rooms. However, the sheer amount of tasks that were hidden in plain sight were astounding.

Production Value/Immersion

Located in the catacombs of the historic Casa Loma, the set of Station M was one of the most immersive games we’ve seen to date. Sensory details including items like the smell of stagnant water drew us deeply into the game. These production elements were there well before we even reached the room itself. Within the rooms themselves, nothing felt wildly out of place as we explored the James Bond-like workshops and communication centers.


Inside these rooms, we were led by astounding actors who assisted in furthering the narrative and guiding us from section to section. Through this point, we had interacted with a fair share of escape room actors, however our guide in Station M felt as genuine as we’d seen.


As glowing as this escape had been, the biggest takeaway we had was how overcrowded the booking of the room was. Each room felt cramped with a full team size of 12. While there was certainly enough actions for a team of that size to complete, gameplay was hindered by how often players were on top of each other.

This Room is a Good Match for

Casa Loma is an incredible landmark to visit when in Toronto. Their escape rooms match the ambiance of this incredible building. Yet, if you want to play one of their games, we highly suggest this venue for teams the size between 6 – 8 players.

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