Escape Room NJ - The Naughty List - Review

Location: Madison, NJ
Date Played: January, 2019
Team Size: 2 – 12 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $31 per ticket  


We had made it onto the Naughty List! With Santa out preparing his reindeer, our goal was to sneak into his workshop and retrieve the list.


Escape Room NJ presented a Christmas experience that was straightforward and had plenty to do! This wintery escape room included a wide variety of puzzles perfectly woven into the holiday theme. From snowmen to stockings to gifts, every element was a call back to a classic holiday staple. We particularly loved the way in which toys were incorporated. Not only was it adorable but it was entirely kid-friendly. We did find ourselves working through quite a bit of combination locks, but there was enough to do that we could split up and work on different puzzles simultaneously if we wanted to.

Production Value/Immersion

The room did not reach towards any grand act of immersion, rather it’s charm and appeal lied in it’s quaint and approachable set which succeeded in rekindling some close-to-the-heart holiday nostalgia.

The stage was set from the very beginning as the waiting room we walked into was the perfect ambiance of a retro Christmas living room complete with an old television, fully decorated tree, and old movie posters. This added effort combined with the fun 3-D glasses we were given and our custom button at the end did not go unnoticed. It was clear some thought and heart had gone into it all.


Our team appreciated how straightforward and approachable this escape room ended up being. As a team of four, we were able to work autonomously and never felt like we were bottlenecked by a single puzzle. On top of that, the finale of the game was an interesting and nice surprise.  


We enjoyed our time inside Santa’s workshop, but some seasoned escape room enthusiasts might find this room a bit on the easier side perhaps mainly due to its reliance on more standard combination locks.  

This Room is a Good Match for

The Naughty List is a fun experience that is approachable for most ages and experience levels. For those who are already missing those feelings of Christmas spirit, this escape room provides an hour of just that.

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Disclosure: Escape Room NJ provided comped tickets for this game.

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