Escape Room The Game - Submarine - Review

Location: At Home
Date Played: June, 2019
Team Size: 3 – 5 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $24.99 includes two games

How It Works

These virtual reality-based escape room games take the concepts of Escape Room: The Game’s core line of escape room board games and inject them with the interactivity of VR. The base chrono decoder can be used with this set. We’d highly recommend that any new players give one of their base games a playthrough before starting either adventure within this box. 

Once the app is downloaded and the VR headset is set up, the core gameplay of these adventures revolves around 3 packets of puzzles. The packets are set up in phases for teams to complete before moving onto the next phase. These puzzles require logical thinking and keen observation through the VR goggles. If teams get stuck, a hint card pile is included with a hint decoder that reveals their contents. 

Each puzzle will translate to a code that will be inputted into the smartphone app that will inform teams if their input is correct. One minute of time will be deducted for each wrong answer and a confirmation alarm will ring if inputted correctly. After a series of three phases of puzzles, teams will have completed their mission.


As part of a team of underwater researchers, something goes wrong on the last day of the expedition. While near the reef, a loud scraping noise startles the crew and cuts out the power. In an hour, without power, the air supply will run out. It’s up to your team to manually performed the functions of the ship in order to get this submarine to the surface.  


Each phase of this experience included three to four puzzles that ranged in the tactics of how to solve them. Ranging from VR observation to out-of-the-box thinking with some of the included props. 


The real standout of this adventure was the virtual reality. Being able to interact with a virtual world using only a smartphone and cardboard setup was outstanding. For our team of four, we all got lost in how immersive this was. The VR was also integrated with narrative storytelling and added some intriguing puzzle elements. 


For an hour long experience, the amount of puzzles felt slightly overwhelming. With the difficulty at a high level, it was a real challenge for our team to finish this game without exhausting ourselves. The hint system was very rigid which led to several occurrences of confusion. Additionally, some of the phase transitions felt awkward as we needed to enter inputs multiple times. 

This Board Game is a Good Match for

This submarine adventure is best suited for players who are familiar with this brand’s concepts and want to take a leap further into its immersive and difficult world. We highly recommend that teams play the original set of games before diving into this set. 

Grab your Submarine experience here!