Escape the Room NYC - The Dig - Review

Location: Manhattan, NY
Date Played: August, 2018
Team Size: 2- 8 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $28 per ticket  


As a team of excavators, it was our job to uncover the mystery of this DaVinci code-style adventure.


The Dig was comprised of mostly task-based, hide and seek type gameplay. While this fit the adventure theme, our large group bottlenecked several times, especially in the beginning of this room, as some puzzles required more attention than others and could only support a couple of players to work on them at a time. With the room being public, there would have been no way to play with a smaller group, however the room did not seem to be designed to support the 8 players that we had.

Production Value/Immersion

There was much more than what meets the eye in this escape room. Beyond it’s church beginning, The Dig requires players to dive deep into a cave, with secrets hidden around every turn. A specific aspect of this room left our team amazed at how immersive it made this experience feel.


Escape the Room NYC set out to make an exciting adventure for players. While some of the functions of this room seemed to lack total clarity at times, other parts of this game felt entirely exciting.


There was an early puzzle that, although not completed fully, had a piece that triggered, allowing us to advance into the next play space. Unfortunately, it was not clear that there was to be an additional trigger from this puzzle, had it been completed originally in its intended manner. This led to confusion and mid-game tension over its function. Not only was this a puzzle that could not have been solved by hints if we were to get stuck, but there should not be a puzzle where you can accidentally trigger the solution despite not having fully solved it.

On top of that, we felt that several puzzles had a lack of cluing or included strange logic to come to their conclusions.

This Room is a Good Match for

Adventure seekers that aren’t afraid of confined spaces or the dark.

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