Escapeburg - The Tomb - Review

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Date Played: January, 2018
Team Size: 2- 6 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $49 per ticket  


After coming across an ancient tomb, our team was challenged to find a way to lift the curse cast upon us and escape. Otherwise we were to remain trapped forever.


Escapeburg markets their room as 5Gen, however, we did not feel as though the puzzles were anything beyond fairly standard. Combination locks within a tomb did not feel thematic. Towards the final portion of the game, puzzles seemed to lose focus and became difficult to determine any patterns within them.

Production Value/Immersion

The details within the set were impressive and the opening of this game really felt like discovering and entering a tomb. Once inside, however, our team of six felt very confined. Aside from being on top of one another, the set design was extremely complex and included many great tech-driven interactions.


The moment in which the tomb opened was one of the coolest automated functions that we’d seen in an escape room. The first half of the game was exciting and made us want to go further into the tomb to discover its secrets.


The second half of this game, however, fell apart for our group. We were told that some puzzles were made to be solved by trying every combination. Trial and error is a less than ideal aspect to any puzzle.

While the details of the tomb were impressive, the massive amount of hieroglyphics gave our team sensory overload as some were a part of puzzles and others were not. Without any proper queuing, they almost worked as red herrings.

This Room is a Good Match for

This tomb is tough to recommend, but if you have an adventurous small team, The Tomb could be a fun experience in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  

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Disclaimer: Tomb was in Beta testing at the time of this review