EscapeGamesNYC - Detective Story - Review

Location: Manhattan, NY
Date Played: August, 2018
Team Size: 2- 6 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $29 per ticket  


Work to solve the unsolvable crime that has lingered over the city for years.


The puzzles in this room were straightforward. There was nothing overly complicated, yet they were still challenging enough for most player skill levels.

Production Value/Immersion

In terms of production, the set was fairly standard. It felt like we were in a room, but nothing grander than that in terms of immersion.


The real value that we see in this escape room has to be its accessibility. The room provides players with a great baseline of what to look for and expect as they dive deeper into this hobby. Everything from numerical locks to lock and key to search and place can be found here. While this room doesn’t do anything specifically memorable, we can appreciate its value to the industry.


For the quality that EscapeGamesNYC has provided in the past, we felt that this room lacked the surprises and immersion that their other three rooms achieved. Detective Story felt very similar to John Doe, but lacked the extra layers of surprises and the element of creepiness.

This Room is a Good Match for

Detective Story is the perfect starting off point for new escape room players. For more experienced players, we’d recommend John Doe or The Experiment.

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