Escapology - Under Pressure - Review

Location: Garwood, NJ
Date Played: March, 2019
Team Size: 2- 8 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $30 per ticket  


The engines of the USS Steel Shark have died. The submarine is sinking fast. As the crew of this ship, it’s your task to restart the engines and stabilize the vessel before the pressure inevitably crushes the hull. 


Gameplay on this naval vessel varied quite a bit. Teams will need to be observant but also think quickly in this dramatic escape. For our team of four, the amount of puzzles felt like there were enough tasks for each of us to work on them separately during most of our hour under water. 

Production Value/Immersion

The set of Under Pressure felt right at home within its theme. As oxygen was at a premium, it was a nice touch to see our countdown clock translated into our remaining breathable air. The set itself was solid, but wasn’t overly immersive. 


Escapology did a great job at scaling this escape room to become more intense as the hour ticked away. There were some added effects in this escape room that we didn’t see coming and were greatly appreciated. 


Even for a group of four players, this escape room felt tight on space. In the later portion of the game, it became a nuisance to squeeze past other players and props. Additionally, the final puzzle lacked a level of prompting that most teams will certainly stumble with. 

This Room is a Good Match for

Under Pressure was a difficult escape room. Experienced players that like a challenge will thrive in this naval adventure. Escapology is a nationwide chain of escape rooms, and while this review can be applied to most of their Under Pressure games, some may include slight differences. 

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Disclosure: Escapology comped our tickets for this game.