Exit: The Game - The Mysterious Museum - Review

Location: At home
Date Played: May, 2019
Team Size: 1- 4 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $15

How it Works

Exit: the Game is played around several decks of playing cards, a circular dial decoder, a smartphone application, and a pamphlet that maps your escape journey. The card types consist of puzzle cards, answer cards, and clue cards. As teams solve the puzzles along their journey, the decoder dial will tell them which answer card to draw for that given puzzle (this is marked by unique symbol).

Like the Unlock! Series, Exit’s deck will let teams know if they made a mistake by drawing a red card from the answer deck. From there, teams progress page by page in the puzzle pamphlet as their journey continues. This series of escape games is not replayable.


While visiting the Florence Natural History Museum, your group gets trapped in an incredible adventure that will take some clever thinking to escape. The smartphone application adds a level of ambiance as it will emit music and keep track of your time.


Puzzle gameplay in this escape room board game was very strong. For our group of four, most stages of this boardgame had enough puzzles for us to work separately on different tasks, while still working together for a common goal. Most puzzles within this game relied on logical and lateral thinking. Make sure to have paper to jot down some notes as some of the latter puzzles ramp up quite nicely.


What sets Exit apart from the other various escape room board games we’ve recently played were its excellent use of props and the decoder dial. This game had several “unique” items we needed to use to solve several mid-game puzzles that had our group thinking outside of the box.

While some might think that the decoder is a dated concept, having all of the puzzles revolve around a tool that was easily picked up was a great way to streamline answering the riddles. Double checking work was a quick process and our group never felt lost throughout our playthrough.


Even though this box states up to four players, we would not recommend this for groups larger than that. Most observational clues are bases on the pamphlet and there was less cooperative gameplay in this game than others we’ve played so far.

This Board game is a Good Match for

Exit: The Game is another fun alternative in the at home escape game genre. This museum adventure told a nice, contained story that flowed very well. This specific boardgame would be a great entry point in learning how this style of game works. For the pricepoint, we highly recommend this to any escape room enthusiast.

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