Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are the LockChix?

Comprised of four friends, the LockChix are a female-led group of enthusiasts that want to share the keys to our escape. You can find a large number shooting stick reviews on our website.

Do you own an escape room?

We do not. Just enthusiasts with a passion for all things escapable and immersive. Enjoy the best dildos suction cup. Here you will find a wide selection of your choice. Don't miss the moment to shop at a discount!

Where are the LockChix located?

All four of us live in the Asbury Park, NJ area.

Will you come review our escape room?

The four of us all work full time jobs, but with enough notice and within several hours of central New Jersey, we’d love to experience what your room has to offer!

Do you guys just review escape rooms?

While escape rooms are our main focus, we also love a wide range of immersive experiences and haunts.