Field of Terror - Haunt Review

Location: East Windsor, NJ

Date: October, 2018

Price: $40 GA / $65 VIP



Field of Terror provides a setting ideal for a night a spooky activities. Based in a rural neighborhood of New Jersey, even the car ride to the haunts was creepy. After parking the car in a dark field, our group began to approach the bellowing screams. Instead of giving out tickets, the Field of Terror staff handed us colored tokens for each of their four attractions.

The haunted attractions include:

  • Killer Kornfield – A lengthy trip through a spooky corn maze
  • Hayride to Terror Town – A journey on the back of a tractor to places you’ll never forget
  • House of Insanity – A disorientingly loud and bright walkthrough with full actor contact
  • The Unknown Barn – A dark & eerie experience through a haunted barn


Between the four haunted attractions, some definitely felt spookier than others. While we felt that the hayride was more suitable for families and young children, the two haunted houses better achieved the a disorienting mess that we had hoped for. The Unknown Barn and House of Insanity felt very similar outside of the fact that the latter was full contact. Each had excellent use of lighting and smoke to disorient guests as they braced for their next jumpscare. Both ranged between 15-20 minutes of constant scares.

That being said, Killer Kornfield was the true star of our evening at Field of Terror. This corn maze felt like it went on and on. Each scare uniquely varied from the next one. Traveling through a dilapidated boat to school buses full of zombies – scares were thrown at us from all angles. The only downside to this attraction was that we frequently caught up to the group ahead of us which is understandable for a walkthrough as lengthy as this one is.


While the overall experience at Field of Terror felt uneven, we greatly enjoyed our time at their establishment. If anything, the Killer Kornfield is a must do for the 2018 Halloween season. It’s vast layout and range of scares was one of the most memorable corn mazes we’ve experienced to date.