Frightland - Haunt Review

Location: Middletown, DE

Date: October, 2018

Price: $40 GA / $60 VIP

frightland haunt


On a cold, rainy Saturday night, our group made the trek down to Delaware for one of our most anticipated haunted attractions on our schedule for 2018. Based on the crooked work of Dr. Idalia, Frightland presented a well thought out narrative with each attraction.

The haunted attractions include:

    • Horror Hayride – An immensely long hayride through some seriously spooky set pieces.
    • Ravenwood Cemetery – A stroll through a haunted gravesite where Dr Idalia brought his failed experiments.
    • Fear – The place where the evil Dr. Idalia worked on his patients, this facility is certainly not abandoned.
    • Zombie Town – This western town isn’t just a ghost town – it’s full of zombies.
    • Haunted Barn – The first of two dark mazes in the Idalia barn, this is where the doctor would hide more of his failed experiments.
    • Idalia Manor – Stroll through the doctor’s home and experience his madness.
    • The Attic – The second of the two dark mazes, travel through the newly unlocked attic of their haunted barn.
    • Zombie Prison – Escape the quarters where the zombies are held.


We had heard the praise for Frightland over the course of the many months leading up to October. At first, we were hesitant to believe the hype. However, after experiencing all eight attractions, we are big fans of what Frightland has to offer.

Starting with the haunted hayride, we were immersed within a journey centered around the mad doctor and his creations that were sprawled across his property. Each set piece felt unique and the scares came from every direction. While the hayride featured some great actor interactions and awe inspiring animatronics, our experience was marred by how loud some of the noises ended up being. We felt our ears ringing for the rest of our journey.

From there, we were led through a series of haunted walkthroughs. Each of the remaining seven attractions felt on theme and drove home the sadistic themes of the Idalia family. The dark mazes were extremely well produced, with a wide variety of scares that were felt & heard, but not seen.

For our group, the two standout attractions were the Zombie Prison and Idalia Manor. The zombie prison was a disorienting trip through a prison that finished with a remarkable climax. On the other hand, the Idalia Manor featured some of the best actor interactions we’ve come across to date. Even the set design helped to tell the story of a family torn apart by madness.

Scares came at us from almost every direction for about two hours during our time at Frightland. Our terrifying journey left our whole group exhilarated and truly wanting more.


frightland lockchixFrightland is absolutely worth traveling to. There is more than enough content to suffice a several hour journey to Middletown, Delaware. Having a full carnival on top of all of the haunted attractions makes it worthwhile to bring the whole family. For the 2018 season, this location had some of the best actor interactions and set design that we have seen. We look forward to visiting again for the 2019 season!