Gotham Escape Room - Game of Stones - Review

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Date Played: January, 2019
Team Size: 2- 10 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $25 per ticket  


As a war for the throne wages, our group had been thrown into the kingdom’s prison. It’s pertinent that we escape the dungeon and reclaim the lost artifacts needed to retake The Throne.


Retaking the throne wasn’t made easy in this escape room. To Game of Stones’ credit, this room has an abundance of tasks and puzzles to accomplish within the hour. Nothing felt out of place and all fit seamlessly into the set design. Up until the final leg of this escape room, our team of four did not bottleneck and were able to work autonomously for the majority of the hour.

Production Value/Immersion

This Game of Thrones based escape room relied on its set and audio cues to drive home the narrative. Starting out in the dungeon, teams must find their way out and work through to castle to get closer to the throne room. With each room transition, the game narrates the journey which adds a level of storybook fantasy that felt right at home within the environment.


We’d be lying if taking a picture on the Iron Throne wasn’t part of our highlight section in this review. This replica throne was not only incorporated into the gameplay, but made for one of our more iconic post game photo-ops.

Aside from that, the set and narrative progression stole the show in Gotham Escape Room’s first open escape room. We appreciated how each portion felt closer to the throne and the narration added greatly to the experience.  


While this room’s puzzles varied in difficulty and thought process, there were several puzzles in this room that we wouldn’t miss it removed. These included several trial and error tasks and the dreaded scramble square puzzle. We find these puzzle styles to be more brute force over deduction and impossible to clue.

This Room is a Good Match for

This Game of Thrones themed escape room will be a delight to many fans of the hit show, but might disappoint some seasoned enthusiasts. While it lacked in some areas, the set and final prop made for a memorable escape room experience.

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