Hatch Escapes - Lab Rat - Review

Location: Los Angelos, CA
Date Played: November, 2018
Team Size: 2 – 12 players.
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $39 per ticket

We found ourselves inside of a cage in Dr Ratkenstein’s lab. With scaled up items as the set and a maze beyond the iron bars that surrounded us, it was evident that we had switched places with your typical rat test subjects. We were to complete the human intelligence tests by solving the doctor’s puzzles. Success would lead to completion of his dissertation and failure would land us in the test subject chipper.


Lab Rat presented a nice variety of some very creative puzzles which required intuitive thinking and team communication. The layout of the gamespace was vast and expertly integrated clues so that they fit well into the storyline and blended seamlessly into the set. Gameplay was nonlinear, and our team of four all felt as if there was enough for everyone to contribute without missing out on any parts.  

Production Value/Immersion

Hatch Escapes produced a narrative journey that at times, achieved a level of immersion closer to interactive theater than a typical escape room. This story came full circle and all components were intentional in terms of their roles within the room.

Hatch Escapes expertly incorporated video throughout the experience without leaning on it too much. Moments throughout our journey were paired with colorful lighting and audio queues – one in particular involved a trigger that lead us through a hallway as music played along with us. We journeyed through in awe, eager to discover what lay waiting for us at the end.


Lab Rat presented a lighthearted, whimsical journey that we will never forget. It combined great escape room gameplay with outstanding and enjoyable theatrical production.Our group laughed more in Lab Rat than any other escape room we’ve ever completed.

Simply put, this might be one of our favorite escape rooms to date and would be a must-play for all enthusiasts.


It’s difficult to point to any faults of this escape room. The only point where our group experienced any frustration was when some sensory triggers didn’t seem to function on the first try, however there are notes prompting the need for delicacy when completing the puzzle.

This Room is a Good Match for

Lab Rat puts a fun new spin on the escape room medium by setting a bar in terms of what can be done from a production standpoint through aesthetics alone. We would consider It best for more experienced teams, but is also approachable enough for families.

Hatch Escapes displays a “Wall of Fame” for teams who complete the room with one or less hints. The LockChix are always up for a challenge like that:

lab rat escape
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