I Survived the Room -The Order - Review

Location: Long Island City, NY
Date Played: January, 2018
Team Size: 2- 8 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $30 per ticket  


Invited to a shadow society, your team must take part in their initiation process & determine if this organization is trustworthy. 


The New Order is a tale of two rooms. The puzzles can vary for what room you are started in. One side provides eerie puzzles that weren’t just lock & key. Whereas, the opposing room felt more uniform to what most players can expect in an escape room. 

Production Value/Immersion

This room promised multiple endings. We are unsure how things could have unfolded otherwise. Again in this split style, the immersion felt uneven. One room had a creepy vibe that resonated with the two of us placed there. On the flip side, the remaining team members felt as if they were in an escape room. It was great to have the actor in character leading us through it this complex narrative. Otherwise the narrative might have been lost on us. 


Like their previous games, the actor integration of the New Order was top notch. I Survived the Room has been the best company in the New York area to adapt live actors into their complex narratives. On top of that, like Sanitorium, this room provides a creative clue system which fit how the room progessed. While we didn’t like how we were split for so long, once our group got back together to work on the final portion of this room, the pressure and difficulty of the final puzzles led to a frantic climax. 


Unlike Sanitorium, the split groups never interacted with each other until one group was done with their room. Each room was drastically different leading to everyone not seeing everything. 

This Room is a Good Match for

The New Order is an ideal room for large groups who don’t mind being split up. Like other I Survived the Room escapes, this room has a live actor to guide teams through their journey. We are certainly interested in hearing how this game plays out for other teams.

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