Komnata Quest - Bulllets & Broken Hearts - Review

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Date Played: November, 2017
Team Size: 4 – 10 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $35 per ticket  


In this Sin City-inspired experience, our team was sent to find evidence of a corrupt senator. Up until us, no one had made it out alive when dealing with Senator Rorke.


Bullets and Broken Hearts presented a classic Komnata-style escape room in that most puzzles were search and task-based. While this style isn’t for every player, for this room, it fit both the theme and narrative. However, at times, it felt as though the abundance of numerical and key locks took away from the Sin-ful story this room aimed to tell.

Production Value/Immersion

As an escape room with such a heavy narrative, the set pieces tied together the film noir themes and drove home the Sin City vibes of the experience. The layout of the room was quite unique in its use of levels and secret compartments.

Despite the varied locations, aside from some cool sound and vision components, this escape room had a very minimalist approach to set pieces. At times, the parts of the game after we had left Grandma’s house felt a bit bare. We did however, appreciate a mid game moment very much so.


As previously noted, the layout of this room kept us guessing over the course of the entire experience. At the beginning of the game, our team was split into two groups. This can sometimes hurt experiences, as parts of the group can miss out on puzzles, however this instance was very brief and didn’t hinder our enjoyment.

This room had one of the most memorable finales we’ve played in an escape room.


While advertised as a room for large groups, this certainly did not feel as such. This narrative-driven room didn’t have an abundance of things to do within the space, so we’d recommend limiting party size to 4-5 players.

This Room is a Good Match for

This experience is a great fit for fans of the Sin City comics, as well as new players who want a challenge without being totally overwhelmed by keypads and numeric locks.

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