Locked Up Escape Games - Escape the Pharaoh's Tomb - Review

Location: Buffalo, NY
Date Played: July, 2018
Team Size: 4 – 10 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $30 per ticket

Investigating the tomb of Pharaoh Khufu, your party gets trapped inside. We have 60 minutes to find our way out before it’s sealed forever.


There was a very good variety of puzzles & tasks within this tomb. Each aspect of the game felt like it belonged buried with Pharaoh Khufu. There were several features that we had never experienced before that left us very impressed.   

Production Value/Immersion:

The depth of immersion within this room tickled all our senses. The set design was top notch. Going through this experience, it’s evident that the creators come from a haunt background. It added a flair of theatrics which added to the overall experience. 

Being in a tomb, we felt confined but not tight for space. 


Gameplay never felt linear. The puzzles and tasks never felt like busy work, and all amounted to key aspects of furthering the game. 

Additionally, post-game Locked Up Escape will email every participant with the customary photo-op, as well as, how well the team scored on several in-game achievements. For enthusiasts like us, this level of post game engagement has us already planning our next visit.


For larger teams, this room might pose little resistance for seasoned enthusiasts.

This Room is a Good Match for

This room brought out the adventurer in us. Escape the Pharaohs Tomb is a great fit for any player not worried about the sand between their toes. This is easily our favorite Egyptian themed room to date.

escape the pharaoh
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Disclosure: Locked Up Escape Games comped our tickets for this game.