MindEscape - Escape the Thai Prison - Review

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Date Played: January, 2019
Team Size: 2- 12 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $29 per ticket  


Caught smuggling illegal drugs through the Bangkok International Airport, we had found ourselves incarcerated! Luckily, a riot had broken out and the Thai police were busy dealing with the commotion. We had our chance to escape imprisonment.


While in our prison cells, the puzzle gameplay felt natural for the setting. The only props or set pieces that we had to work with were objects that would have been located in that space. Gameplay in this section of the room flowed smoothly for its split team design.

As the room progressed, Thai Prison evolved into task-based gameplay as we frantically raced against the clock to escape.

Production Value/Immersion

As the escape room began, we were given orange prison jumpsuits to put on and were split into two jail cells. While these cells had a minimalistic approach to their design, Thai Prison ramped up in immersiveness as we progressed further through the police station.


As a whole, Thai Prison played as a strong, puzzle-centric room that had a fun twist on a standard prison escape theme. Everything felt thematic to the setting, while enhancing the narrative of a prison escape in a foreign country. Puzzles flowed well and were spread out enough for our team to work simultaneously towards a common goal.


Up until the later portion of the game, Thai Prison felt like a standard prison escape room. It was not until the final third of the game that the theme really began to shine.

This Room is a Good Match for

MindEscape presents a common themed escape room with an extremely satisfying twist on it. While being a heavily puzzle-oriented game, Thai Prison should be accessible for most skill or experience levels. This room does require some crawling on the floor.

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