New Jersey Escape Room Recommendations

See below for our list of what we consider to be the standout rooms in our home state of New Jersey.

13th Hour – The Dungeon – Wharton, NJ

Actor-driven / Collaborative / Horror / Larger groups

  • This room utilizes darkness, separation, and actors to establish a slightly scary setting, so it would be best players who are more comfortable with these elements.
  • 13th Hour’s set is a massive, multi-level escape with an outstanding amount of tasks to complete, so bring a large team!
  • The Dungeon requires great levels of teamwork and a keen sense of observation.
  • 13th Hour’s location includes five escape rooms, all based around the eerie Hayden family. This common narrative thread has us wanting to return to be a part of the rest of the story.

East Coast Escape Room – Vampire’s Lair – Toms River, NJ

Immersive set / Horror 

  • This spooky adventure has one of the best narratives for any of the escapes we’ve taken on in New Jersey.
  • Vampire’s Lair is an actor-driven escape room that incorporates twists and turns throughout the 60 minute experience.
  • East Coast Escape Room provides a creepy atmosphere that is feasible for small and large groups alike.

Solve It Sherlock – Pirates of the Golden Skull – Neptune, NJ

Immersive set / Beginner-friendly

  • Tucked away in Neptune, NJ Solve It Sherlock delivers an immersive set that transports players to the hull of a real-life-like pirate ship with exciting secrets around every corner.
  • Pirates of the Golden Skull is family friendly and not too difficult so it’s approachable for any skill level or experience.
  • This venue also boasts a Magician Room (also on this list!) as well as a zombie escape room that we are immensely excited to play.

East Coast Escape Room – Summerfield Place – Toms River, NJ

Beginner-friendly / Great Narrative / Competitive

  • This Thanksgiving-themed escape room provides a great holiday experience with unexpected twists along the way.
  • East Coast Escape Room also has leaderboards for each of their three experiences so that teams looking for a competitive escape can set and surpass goals.
  • Accessible for all ages and skill levels.

Trap Door Escape – F5: A Tornado Escape – Morristown, NJ

Active / Great Narrative

  • Trap Door Escape successfully switches up the usual escape room format by incorporating puzzles and elements found in obstacle courses.
  • While some of the puzzles throughout the game are uneven, F5 is a unique escape room for New Jersey that every enthusiast should attempt.
  • The narrative in this escape room is straightforward and leads up to an interesting out-of-the-box ending.

Escape the Puzzle – Carnival – Long Branch, NJ

Immersive set / Beginner-friendly / Larger Groups

  • Escape the Puzzle provides one of the most enjoyable escape rooms we’ve played in the Garden State.
  • Carnival keeps the puzzles thematic over its multiple rooms.
  • Escape the Puzzle boasts five escape rooms at their location including Speakeasy, Swamp & the newly opened, Tower.

Solve it Sherlock – Magician – Neptune, NJ

Great puzzle design / Beginner-friendly

  • For all the magician escape rooms we’ve done, this one certainly had the most “ah ha” moments.
  • The puzzles felt magical, like pulling a rabbit out of a hat.
  • The room itself is not overly large so puzzles are feasible for most experience levels.

Amazing Escape Room – Wild West – Freehold, NJ

Great puzzle design / Immersive set

  • An approachable western themed room suitable for all ages.
  • An awesome twist to the puzzles and plot.
  • Our favorite escape room at the Amazing Escape Room Freehold location.

  Updated in: December, 2018