New York City Escape Room Recommendations

See below for what we consider to be the standout rooms in New York City and its surrounding areas. 

Sanatorium – I Survived the Room

Top Room of 2018 / Actor-driven / Horror/ Collaborative / Long Island City

  • One of the best rooms that we’ve done, Sanatorium made our Top Escape Rooms of 2018 ranking.
  • This room is both actor-driven and does a great job of establishing a slightly scary setting, so it would be best players who are comfortable with both of those elements.
  • Sanatorium would work well for larger groups as it masterfully executed a game that split us up but still forced us to collaborate in order to find success.

Komnata Quest – Maze of Hakaina

Immersive set / Horror / Manhattan

  • This impressive set made excellent use of theatrical lighting and set pieces coupled with an actual labyrinth design. It did a great job of really pulling us into the world of the maze.
  • Maze of Hakaina also errs on the side of a bit spookier. The twists and corners of the maze built anticipation. It was thrilling and even creepy at times to discover what might lie beyond the next turn.

High Speed – Exit Escapes

Immersive set / Great puzzle design / Beginner Friendly / Manhattan

  • High Speed made it onto our Top Escape Rooms of 2018 ranking.
  • Very immersive, Exit Escapes perfectly recreated an NYC subway system and designed all puzzles to be actions that one would take on the subway car.
  • The perfect room to get hooked as a beginner.

Komnata Quest – Cursed

Top Room of 2018 / Horror / Manhattan

  • Another room that made it onto our Top Escape Rooms of 2018 ranking for its overall wow-factor.
  • Cursed was scary. It played on elements including darkness and fog and blurred the boundaries of the rooms. This added a level of terror as we were unable to determine what lie ahead or even right in front of us at times.
  • Given the larger layout of the space, the jump scares, and the tasks to complete, this room would be a good match for more experienced players.

Komnata Quest – Joker’s Cafe

Immersive set / Beginner Friendly / Larger groups / Brooklyn

  • Komnata built out an awesome and massive space that seemed to keep going deep into the playthrough.
  • This room would be a great fit for both new groups as well as larger groups.
  • Very thematic room for those who are interested in some pop culture easter eggs.

Beat the Bomb

Out-of-the-box / Collaborative / Competitive play / Active / Brooklyn

  • An awesome experience for those looking for something a bit more out-of-the-box
  • This series of mini games is great for groups who have excellent teamwork skills and are looking for a high-intensity challenge.
  • Competitive teams will love this. There is a leaderboard and experience is re-playable.
  • Beat the Bomb is also very active and really gets adrenalyn flowing by putting teams into hazmat suits, having them run, jump, and crawl and finally, diffuse the bomb.

Unreal Escapes – Battleship

Immersive set /  Great narrative / Beginner-friendly / Staten Island

  • Unreal Escapes built out a super impressive and highly accurate set. The level of immersion is amazing.
  • For players that love a good narrative, Battleship delivers. From video screens masterfully incorporated to clear objectives, this room was engaging to complete.
  • Despite the complex looking set, it would be a great start for any beginners.                   

Brooklyn Escape Room – Shelter R

Immersive set / Beginner Friendly / Brooklyn

  • Another thematic set that gave excellent nods to its source material.
  • The game scaled nicely and escalated in pressure as it went on.
  • A great game for experienced players and beginners, alike.

Escape Games NYC – The Experiment

Out-of-the-box / Immersive set / Beginner Friendly / Manhattan

  • Another out-of-the-box experience, The Experiment is what appears to be a blank slate, but really has much to discover.
  • The set and interactions are very unique.
  • This room would be a creative adventure for more experienced players and an awesome introduction for beginners.

  Updated in: December, 2018