New York Comic Con 2018 Round Up

Location: Manhattan, NY
Date: October 4th-7th, 2018


Cursed Child Panel

cursed child nycc

To kick off our weekend, we rushed to get in line for the Cursed Child panel which featured a Q & A with the original cast members of the play. The spoiler-free talk worked to #KeepTheSecrets while giving the audience some insight on some of the ways the actors found inspiration with this classic story.

A Pensieve Experience by Audible

harry potter nycc

In order to promote the audio books for the Harry Potter series, Audible staged a larger than life pensieve to travel into. Upon entrance, we were prompted to choose a character from the books and select a vial containing their memories. Once inside the vast basin, we found ourselves in a foggy and ethereal room. We were then instructed to place the vial on a pedestal which would trigger the memories to play into headphones for us. Unfortunately, we had only JUST missed the Cursed Child cast as we walked through. The exhibit wrapped up with a a second interactive component where we were able to record a looping downloadable video of us casting spells with one of the characters wands.

The Bob’s Burgers Cookoff

bob's burgers

Just outside of the Javits Center, two brightly colored food trucks were tucked away down a construction laden street. Sitting side by side, these adjacent ‘Team Bob’ and ‘Team Louise’ food carts provided a real life Belcher experience. Curated by chef Alvin Cailan, fans of the show had the opportunity to choose between the “Carrot on My Wayward Bun” burger and a “Natural Born Dillers Burger”. Not only was this experience delicious, but it also gave us a real sense of the Belcher’s seaside hospitality.


Resident Evil 2 Remake Demo

re2 nycc

In anticipation of the long awaited remake of this classic game, Capcom brought a real life Racoon City police station with them to NYCC. After a several hour wait, we were escorted inside the facility and sat in bloody desks to play fifteen minute demos of RE2. Not only was this game super creepy, but the added ambiance of this decrepit building added to the vibe. The RE2 remake is out January 5th, 2019.

Netflix & Chills Panel

One of the real highlights of 2018 for us was the Netflix block panel that capped off Friday night. Netflix highlighted four upcoming properties coming soon to the streaming service. These included a first look at Gerard Way’s Umbrella Academy, a quick look into the next iteration of The Dark Crystal & several clips of the upcoming horror series, The Haunting of Hill House. While we are thoroughly excited for each of the previous entries, we are beyond excited for what came next. The cast and creators of the upcoming remake, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina presented an exclusive screening of the first episode of the series. Without getting into spoiler territory, we can confirm that this is something we plan on binging when it comes out October 26th.

The Heather’s Photo-Op

heathers nycc

To promote the 5-night binge that will be released on Paramount Network on October 25th, some Heathers stole a school bus and drove it into the Javits Center. The vehicle was covered in graffiti quotes from the original cult classic and we were escorted on board by rude high school students donning the classic block colored uniforms. They promised we’d get something cool out of sharing out photos, if they liked us. The experience was short, but we took a photo on the bus in front of a neon sign and were gifted an awesome quality slushie pin on the way out. We are certainly ready to binge it up, baby.


Initially, it felt like New York Comic Con lacked the home run immersive activations of previous years – ie HBO’s Westworld Experience. However, we had a blast at this year’s convention. The show floor was full of bite sized experiences. Between dressing up as our favorite Overwatch characters for a 360 degree video to being inserted as extras into the Mortal Engines trailer, 2018 New York Comic Con was an overwhelming success. We look forward to what 2019 has in store!