Olde City Escape Games - Quest for Freedom - Review

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Date Played: January, 2019
Team Size: 2 – 10 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $30 per ticket  

olde city escape room


Benjamin Franklin had boarded the last vessel to France before the British blockade. It was up to our group of rebels to search through Mr. Franklin’s office and find the ‘Seven American Reasons’. With these, Franklin could convince France to help join the fight for freedom.


Each task and puzzle that we completed to unveil the ‘Seven Reasons’ felt thematic, as we used period-appropriate items that forced us to interact with them in ways that made sense. Actions ranged from the ordinary (key and combination lock) to some one-of-a-kind Revolutionary puzzles along with some hidden reveals. With seven whole reasons to find, the game kept each varied enough to not ever feel redundant.

Production Value/Immersion

This 1700’s-themed escape room was complex enough to be thematic but never had any sort of technological triggers blatant enough to break immersion. As we searched the residence of Mr. Franklin, this escape room provided plenty of “ah-ha” moments. Each function worked flawlessly as we toyed with Ben Franklin’s inventions. Additionally, the set design was used in interesting ways to hide some clever functionality.


As the game focused on acquiring specific objects to complete a task, our group never bottlenecked as we could work autonomously in our search. The art direction of the room felt cohesive as the period-pieces came together to craft this revolutionary world, while the time-appropriate props never had us feeling like they might be too delicate to handle.

Olde City took a more standard theme and made it clean and interesting enough to pay proper homage to the city of Philadelphia’s historic roots without getting lost in a boring or complicated narrative.


This was an escape room where the objective was to acquire those items and use the printing press. While we appreciate how these break up the monotony in the industry, most of the games we’ve played in this format have anti-climatic endings. For as much as we enjoyed this escape room, its finale didn’t live up to the rest of the experience.

This Room is a Good Match for

Similarly to how High Speed embodies the vibe of New York City, Quest for Freedom feels like it’s Philadelphia counterpart. This historical adventure felt true to the city while providing a fun escape room accessible for most ages and experience levels.

quest for freedom escape room

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