Olde City Escape Games - The Midnighters - Review

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Date Played: January, 2019
Team Size: 2 – 10 players
Duration: 60minutes
Price: $30 per ticket  


As members of a crew that goes by the name, “The Midnighters,” your group of neighborhood kids break into Uncle Mick’s boxing club to investigate a local legend. Rumors state that a moon rock given as a gift from NASA to the city of Philadelphia was stolen and hidden somewhere within the gym. Find out the secrets that lie within the Brotherly Love Boxing Club in this Goonies-style adventure.


Olde City Escape Games presented a room that varied in terms of both puzzles and clues. Actions ranged from getting into lockers to several interesting color puzzles that we don’t often see utilized. For our group of four, this room provided an ideal amount of puzzles. The flow of the game allowed our team to work fairly autonomously while, for the most part never bottlenecking.

We encountered several “wow” moments as this game progressed. Each played well with the narrative and setting.

Production Value/Immersion

As our group entered the Brotherly Love Boxing Club, we felt as though we had stepped foot inside of a retro-style boxing gym. From the heavy bags hanging for training to the walls plastered in match card posters, everything played a role in enhancing the level of immersion.

Any ‘outside’ elements such as pipes or phones that were necessary for function were seamlessly built into the narrative. Even the tasks that we were to complete felt like they were naturally building up towards our final goal, rather than having a puzzle for the sake of including a puzzle. This escape room also made clever use of lighting that added to the theme’s overall mischievous tone.  


Olde City nailed a unique and creative theme that we’d never seen before. For a city with so much culture rooted in boxing and the Rocky films, this escape room felt right at home in Philadelphia. This set had much to uncover and many secrets that revolved around this mysterious moon rock, but we’d be missed to spoil any of it.


There was one set piece that our group knew that we had to move but we ran into some trouble with the mechanism. Aside from that, this escape room flowed smoothly.

This Room is a Good Match for

This 80’s-style escape room is a must play for the Philadelphia area. It’s truly a standout escape in an emerging market for the industry. We are excited for what Olde City Escape Games has in store for their next venture!

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