Quest Room - Red Giant - Review

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Date Played: November, 2018
Team Size: 2- 6 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $119+ per group  


As a team of archaeologists, your group sets out to accomplish a task that no one has been able to achieve before – locating the Red Giant. With limited oxygen remaining, you have sixty minutes to retrieve this elusive gem and make it out alive. 


Just like most tomb games, this escape room revolves around searching and keen observations. This close quarter experience felt grounded in its theme. Nothing felt out of place in this underground crypt. Gameplay flowed well and led to a dramatic conclusion that our team did not see coming. 

Production Value/Immersion

Before entering this dangerous vault, Quest Room helps you “gear up” for this adventure. Dressing up isn’t for everyone, but this added touch can go along way for teams to get in character. 

Once inside this tomb, it’s clear that a great amount of attention to detail has been put into this confined experience. There were several points in this escape where we were not sure where we’d go next. Quest’s creative use of space and room transitions “wowed” our group. Throughout our journey, it was difficult to remember that we were in the heart of Koreatown, and not underneath an ancient pyramid.


Starting and ending with unforgettable moments, Red Giant nails the thrilling, but not scary vibe that many escape rooms attempt. This room felt more like an interactive adventure than a typical escape game. Tasks present a challenge and furthered the narrative as teams venture further down this tomb.

The climax of Red Giant left our group amazed at what we had just done. A feeling that very few escape rooms have permeated.


Some triggers failed to work at first attempt in this room. This broke the flow for us for a few moments as we puzzled our way through.

Additionally, there is a moment in this escape room where all of us were very hesitant to complete the task we thought we had to do. As escape game norms set in, our hearts wanted to do said action, while our brains felt overly cautious.

This Room is a Good Match for

Red Giant had our team feeling like Indiana Jones by the end of the experience. This thrilling escape game is a moderate difficulty room that most teams should be able to take on. Quest Room’s Red Giant is a must-play for the Los Angeles area. 

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