Solve It Sherlock - Pirates of the Golden Skull - Review

Location: Neptune, NJ
Date Played: May, 2018
Team Size: 2 – 8 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $30 per ticket

After being locked away, you must escape your cell and locate the Golden Skull in order to take control of the pirate ship.


Most puzzles throughout the game had multiple steps to them as they were stretched throughout rooms and across lengths of time. They were less linear than more basic rooms. One puzzle in particular utilized an exciting functionality that we had not experienced before. However, there were a few red herrings built in. Sometimes we were given resources very early on that we would not use until much later. One of the later game puzzles directly contradicted and earlier discovery for seemingly no other reason than to trick players.


The set was great – high levels of craftsmanship, very polished look and feel, and all items were properly and fully secured. Nothing showed signs of wear and no parts of any of the rooms felt as though we could accidentally break them or caused us to second guess whether or not we should be moving things. In addition to feeling like a movie set, there was a great use of sound and light.


Although the room was enjoyable, many puzzles seemed limited. Much of them involved more searching than thinking so at times it felt like more of an easter egg hunt for pieces rather than us working through riddles. Some of items to interact with were also placed higher up, making it difficult for all players to reach them.

In terms of immersion, we were told we could use our cell phones to do math at one point. It would have been more thematic to provide pencil and paper instead. There were also times where we needed to use the light on our phones in order to differentiate between very similar colors for a puzzle.

Although the finale of the room looked great, the execution lacked a certain pizazz – we had not even known it had happened until instructed by the Game Master.

This Room is a Good Match for

The room is task-based enough for kids and beginners but is also enjoyable for intermediate players. There are many fun elements to keep experienced players engaged as well.

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