Solve it Sherlock - Quarantine - Review

Location: Neptune, NJ
Date Played: January, 2019
Team Size: 4- 8 players
Duration: 60minutes
Price: $35 per ticket  


As part of a special task force, your team must break into a secret laboratory with the mission of putting a stop to a zombie outbreak. Once inside, it’s clear that your team is not alone. There is a chained up zombie in the room and as time passes, that zombie keeps getting closer…


For a game where the main action focuses around evading a chained zombie, Quarantine does not shy away from quality puzzles. Plenty of games that rely on fear/distraction tend to come up dry where puzzles are concerned. However, this escape room finds the perfect balance. Our team worked through the game with peak adrenaline, knowing that at any point in time, we would be halted by the sounds of a moving chain and forced to take cover to avoid contamination from the lurking monster.

Puzzles were placed in areas of the room where we only had short intervals of time to work on them before the zombie made its way back in. While nothing was overly difficult, this stop and start gameplay provided a fun challenge.

Production Value/Immersion

This dimly lit lab fit the tone that this escape room wanted to convey. The clanging on the metal chain kept our team on edge. Having an actual zombie within the room with us added an extra level of immersion as we were face to face with it, rather than being limited to our own imagination.

Once inside Quarantine, teams are joined by a second character as well – their gamemaster/lab technician. This in-room GM was an awesome add. Not only did both actors play their parts excellently, but the GM also assisted in keeping us on-task in a room with lots of adrenaline and stimuli and also worked to ensure we played a safe experience, given all of the running and hiding we had to do.  


Solve It Sherlock took a popular escape room theme and not only nailed its execution but elevated the experience by adding layers to it. The balance between puzzling and jumpscares was excellent compared to other horror rooms that we’ve played.

Quarantine provides players with brain props to “feed” to the zombie in order to keep it occupied and allow for some time to work through puzzles without the threat of being contaminated. We also appreciated the zombie de-contamination zone for when players get touched by the zombie.


The only bump we hit was that we hadn’t realized the true function of the brain props until late in the game. Perhaps we shouldn’t have used our brains to put 2 and 2 together.

This Room is a Good Match for

Quarantine is an ode to the late George A. Romero. Teams looking for a good jumpscare or something different from the standard escape room will find plenty of enjoyment with what Solve It Sherlock’s latest room has to offer.

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