Terror Behind the Walls - Haunt Review

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Date: October, 2018

Price: $45 GA / $65 VIP


In the heart of the city of Brotherly Love, Eastern State Penitentiary has become a staple in the North East haunt scene. Having one of the most unique and creepy settings of all the haunts we’ve ever attended, this decommissioned prison transforms into an amusement park of horror. Once inside the prison walls, guests are led through a series of six haunted walkthroughs.

The haunted attractions include:

    • Lockdown
    • Machine Shop
    • Infirmary
    • Blood Yard
    • Quarantine 4D
    • Breakout


terror lockchixIn the roughly 60 minutes we spent walking through Terror Behind the Walls, we rarely were startled by what the walkthrough had up its sleeve. As a pillar in the haunt community, this attraction suffers from the sheer amount of guests. As a result, our group was constantly stumbling upon the group ahead of us. Normally we’d slow down our pace and let them move ahead, but with how busy Eastern State Penn is, there was always another group right on our tail. Each of the six attractions had a line to enter which helped this slightly, but each time we entered, the problem would arise again within five to ten minutes inside the haunt.

On a positive note, their detail to set design and actor interaction was top notch. Each of their six walkthroughs felt unique & had portions where the set left our group astonished. Another aspect that’s worth noting is there touch policy. Wearing the glow-stick around your neck not only allows for the actors to touch you, but they have the ability to pull you from your group for something more intimately scary. This happened to us several times and certainly added to our experience.


terror behind the walls

Spooky season can be a busy and expensive time of the year. Is Terror Behind the Walls worth the price of admission? We aren’t so sure about that. Behind it’s venue’s ambiance & sheer size, this haunted attraction did not live up to its reputation. If anything, attend this haunt on a weekday night or early in the season where the crowds don’t overwhelm the attractions themselves.