The Basement- Chapter One - Review

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Date Played: November, 2018
Team Size: 3 – 12 players
Duration: 45 minutes
Price: $35 per ticket  


The chapters of The Basement are linked together by a narrative involving the mysterious Edward Tandy. In Chapter 1 of this (currently) four-part escape room saga, we found ourselves kidnapped by this elusive character and woke up locked in his basement.


Chapter 1 relies heavily on finding small objects and notes hidden throughout the dark setting. As the environment of a basement lends to a dark and damp atmosphere, much difficulty of the game lies in how easy it is to miss key elements of this room upon first glance. However, once objectives become clear, gameplay becomes more straightforward as a pattern arises in your trajectory of goals. For our team of six, it felt like there was an appropriate amount of tasks provided for the forty five minute escape.    

Production Value/Immersion

A staple of The Basement is their well-produced introductory videos that teams watch in cramped dark rooms leading into games. This helps set the foreboding tone for the room ahead and gets players into the mindset of the room.

Once inside Mr. Tandy’s basement dungeon, it was clear that this set was one of the more immersive sets that we’d seen to date. Every dark nook and cranny had a level of detail not seen in most escape rooms.


Our most notable takeaway from this experience was how this escape room introduced the in-game actor. Not only were we surprised at how startling this interaction was, but it also integrated one of the grosset tasks we’ve had to complete in an escape room. From that point forward, the in-game actor played a pivotal role in the rest of the escape room, and did so phenomenally.


As The Basement’s oldest room, the puzzling in this adventure was on the weaker side for the company. Chapter 1 feels dated and puzzles seem more difficult because of how hard it is to notice them rather than how hard it is to solve them.

This Room is a Good Match for

Chapter 1 is an approachable room for most skill levels assuming the teams can handle some intense situations. The Basement has become an iconic company in the escape room industry therefore its a must hit location for most enthusiasts.


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