The Basement - Elevator Shaft Review

Location: Sylmar, CA
Date Played: November, 2018
Team Size: 2- 6 players
Duration: 45 minutes
Price: $34 per ticket  


After failing to escape the events of the first chapter, our group had emerged at the bottom of Edward Tandy’s elevator shaft. With the assistance of a mechanic named Toby, there was a chance for us to override the elevator controls and escape the harrowing encounter so as not to be crushed by the elevator.


For such a confined space, Chapter 2 delivered the most puzzle-centric gameplay that The Basement had to offer. Each set piece and clue felt right at home at the bottom of an elevator shaft. While this game had horror elements, the puzzles of the Elevator Shaft were never overshadowed by them.

Production Value/Immersion

In typical style of The Basement, the set was outstanding in this dark, damp elevator shaft. From the moment that our group entered, it became clear that this escape room was one of the most immersive rooms we’d played. Even as the game began and we stood in total darkness, our team felt what loomed over us. Throughout the game, the hanging elevator suspended above us added a level of tension that we had only rarely seen before.

There’s a disclaimer on the website about not wearing nice shoes to this escape room and it was totally accurate. You are going to get wet.

the basement LA


Without going into spoiler territory, there is a set piece in this escape room that we would be doing an injustice not to mention. While only limited to one person at a time, this unnerving task adds another dimension to the gameplay of Elevator Shaft. This escape room elevated what a great set can do to enhance the experience.


We felt that this escape room was a bit small in size for six people. Our group bottlenecked a few times in this experience, waiting for someone to finish their task.

This Room is a Good Match for

This escape room was absolutely one of our group’s standout experiences during our first Los Angeles trip. It’s great for smaller groups and provides an unforgettable experience with its outstanding combination of puzzle gameplay and tension-filled immersiveness.

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