The Basement - The Courtyard - Review

Location: Sylmar, CA
Date Played: November, 2018
Team Size: 2- 10 players
Duration: 45 minutes
Price: $38 per ticket  


After narrowly escaping Edward Tandy’s basement, elevator shaft, and study, teams must now attempt to escape this murderous madman’s final chapter – his courtyard. Blocked in by fourteen-foot high walls, teams must find a way out before they become the next meal for Mr. Tandy’s pet dogs.


Following suite of the rest of the chapters of The Basement, gameplay revolves around searching for clues, trigger mechanics, and actor interaction. Of the games that our group played at this location, we believe that The Courtyard had the highest level of difficulty. Puzzles felt the most rewarding in this chapter.

Production Value/Immersion

The Courtyard is absolutely the best set we’ve seen to date in an escape room. There were moments where we felt like we were actually outside underneath the stars. It’s easy to get lost in how immersive the set quality is. The storytelling through the use of audio cues such as the rattling of the hounds in their cage set a high level of tension that never wore off.

Like Chapter 1, the actor interactions play a key role in the success of this escape room. Without divulging too much, the actor not only prompts players in the right direction with words, but their entire behavior changes.


As previously mentioned, the set and actor are the stars of this escape room experience. The tension in this room never subsides and it amounts to an experience where exploring this vast game space is cautious, yet rewarding. The puzzles felt up to par with the set design making this one of our favorite rooms we’ve ever played.

Another added feature we greatly appreciated was the voiceover that played after he had discovered a lengthy note. This allows for large teams to learn plot advancements without huddling over one page to try to read.


One late game puzzle really felt out of place and tripped our team up greatly.

This Room is a Good Match for

Along with The Elevator Shaft, The Courtyard is an absolute must-play for the greater Los Angeles area. This scenic thriller is an ideal mix of puzzling and immersive horror. Just don’t wear anything you won’t mind getting a little dusty.  

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Disclosure: The Basement comped our tickets for this game.