The Cauldron - Immersive Review

Location: Manhattan, NY
Date: March, 2019
Duration: 1 hour & 45 minutes
Price: off-peak: $44.99 per magical being / peak: $54.99 per magical being

cauldron lockchix

On a Saturday night in the city, we ventured down a cobblestone street to come upon a magical pub known as The Cauldron. Nestled in amongst other late-night taverns and beer halls, this locale hosts an Apothecary and Pub on the ground floor and offers a Potions Class ticketed cocktail experience on the second floor. We obviously opted to try our hand in becoming potions masters.

Climbing up the stairs, we were met by a sign: Please wait to be summoned. When the witch appeared at the hostess platform, we exchanged a deposit fee for a set of slender boxes that came to yield our magic wands for the evening.

As we turned the corner towards our seat, we had stepped into another world entirely. The space was gorgeous and included rows of wooden tables stocked with cauldrons and other potion-making instruments, wood-paneled walls draped in hanging pink blossoms, and shelves cluttered with vials, jugs, and other knick-knacks. The atmosphere was buzzing with a whimsical, fun, and upbeat chaos that the wizarding world series it drew its inspiration from had achieved so well.

There were many different personalities gliding and bustling through the room – characters teaching a potions experience, delivering drinks, or clamoring up used cauldrons. As our class began, we dawned robes and were introduced to a love witch, Luna who gave us an introductory experience as to how to use our wands by showing us how to procure our first drinks out of a magical tree.

With our first drink in hand, we were ready to take a seat at our interactive work station and concoct some of our own. We were sat in groups of four and divided into pairs. From there, we began brewing the first of three elixirs, Transfiguration Toniq.

Instead of using standard bar ingredients, our instructions sheet detailed some special items such as Essence of Lavender and Blue Butterfly Wing Serum, each found in eclectic vials at our stations. Much like a real potions course, we were able to work with our partners through crafting the cocktail in a more free-flowing nature, rather than having our hands held through the class. This allowed us to sit back, sip our drinks, and enjoy the experience at an un-rushed pace. Our assigned instructor, Crazy Legs was always there to provide us with all supplies, assist when needed, and craft a bit of comedy into the whole experience.

After using a variety of tools to craft our cocktail line-up, we were given the chance to purchase any additional drinks from their Signature Potions Menu.

Without spoiling any magic, our journey through concocting our total of three drinks over the course of the evening included a little bit of wand waving as well as some mystic transformations and happenings. It was a – dare we say – magical experience that not only provided a great amount of quality content for the price but it also created an awesome immersion into the wizarding world – an IP that isn’t always so tactfully approached.


The Cauldron is a quirky and cozy atmosphere that allows guests to dawn a robe and swish and flick their way through some quality cocktails for a magical evening. It’s filled with some adorable surprise moments and pays a perfect homage to the boy who lived and his wizarding world. Purchase your magical potion experience tickets here!