The Dream Machine - Immersive Review

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Date Visited: April  2018
Price: $28-$38

dream machine

Any pop-up that we take part in that allows us to schedule a specific time for our visit is already off to a  good start! Specifying what slot we were to show up for minimized our line wait times and allowed us to better experience the flow of the event without fighting through crowds inside.

After arriving, the event itself continued to move smoothly as it was well-run and organized. People working the event were friendly and dressed to theme in mute toned jumpsuits – seemingly the dream engineers. In addition to offering to take our photos, they were also patient with allowing us to hang back in order to get the perfect one. We never felt rushed.

Content itself was also well-executed. Every room felt different – our transitions from scene to scene mimicked a movement from dream to dream. Each component was different, engaging, and interesting. On top of that, you couldn’t see behind the scenes unless you went behind the scenes. The rooms were sealed into their own sets keeping unneeded sights out of vision. We actually even witnessed guests taking Instagram photos in the bathrooms as there was a pretty pink hued lighting in there too.

Each room was a separate entity from the next and the flow of the space was clearly purposefully laid out. Spaces that would require less crowding in order to get good photos were placed right after larger, more engaging rooms. As such, groups held back in the first room, giving the group ahead of them plenty of time in the more intimate space ahead.


Dream Machine achieved the perfect dream aesthetic of wandering from one scene to the next. It was well-organized, leading to low levels of stress and a smooth flow. It presented some high quality, good content and allowed us to get what we set out looking for – a good Instagram photo.