The Egg House - Immersive Review

Location: Manhattan, NY
Date Visited: April 26, 2018
Price: $18

“We believe in the familiarity and universality that eggs bring to people, therefore we created an imaginary place where people can momentarily escape to and share the love of eggs.”

Egg House turned out to be the adorable and quirky pop-up that it set out to be. The team behind the experience crafted an immersive, imaginary place where one can journey through the dreams of Ellis the egg in order to escape reality and enter a universe that is both comforting and interesting.

Walking up to the exhibit, the sunny-side-up-yellow popped immediately, as the space they secured had streetfront floor to ceiling windows. It was enticing right from the start as we were given a taste of the colorful world, but were unable to see what lay ahead once we were inside.

The Egg House did a great job of providing tickets for entry times that were in half hour increments and releasing chunks of days’ worth of tickets over the course of several weeks. As in, we were unable to purchase our tickets for the 27th until the second or third week that the exhibit was open. Having sectioned off times and putting tickets out in waves is a great way to ensure that there is ample opportunity for many people to participate. Instead of having to wait in a never-ending line or worrying about the entire event selling out in minutes, we were able to pick the exact time we could enter the space.

As we chose to attend on a Thursday, the space was pleasantly empty when we arrived except for a few other small groups. Not feeling rushed and really having the opportunity to take our time through the space – especially an exhibit where a big reason why we were there was to take instagram photos – was really such a treat.

The aesthetic was on point. Everything was perfectly instagrammable and portioned into sections so we were not on top of other groups. Some parts of the exhibit, however were a bit toned down as compared to what was advertised. For example, the website notes a “pleasant surprise” if we were to interact with the entrance sign in the foyer, however part of the entrance seemed to be missing. Additionally, it was advertised that vendors such as Eggloo and Egg Shop would be there. When we were at the exhibit, there were tables set up for these vendors, but they were covered with storage and had no one working them, so we did not have the option of purchasing anything.  

Egg House Spatulas Overall, the exhibit was fantastic. Each photo op was beautifully set up, was of good quality, and was delightfully adorable. The aesthetic was on-point and everything was perfectly instagrammable. We were even able to visit Ellis the egg, who was presented through a cool technical projection and outside of his window showcased an exhibit in which the group had brought the giant egg himself out to a park in New York. Looking out of the window showed a time lapse of his experience on a park bench. The only issue from a quality perspective would be that there were portions of the building itself that weren’t fully covered up. Seeing bits of open storage areas and having sections of the basement / garden area not fully decorated broke the immersion a bit.

A finishing touch was that we were able to purchase some egg merch and were gifted with a small Egg House pin upon departing. The staff was very friendly and very helpful – offering to take our photos and ensuring that we had explored all parts of the space. The front door was also locked from the inside, which made us feel super secure within the space.


From start to finish, we had an eggcellent time. Egg House crafted an awesome aesthetic to escape to and wove it into an endearing story. The vibe was great – from staff to quality of exhibit items to level of experience. We’d love to go through it again.